When Anxiety Attacks…

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Image Credit: http://weheartit.com

It comes…it just comes. And when it does, you can’t do anything but endure whatever feelings it has in store for you on that particular day. 

It’s a feeling so heavy that if you don’t keep yourself busy, you will wallow in self regret. 

It’s a feeling so strong that it has the power to make you doubt your self-worth. In simple terms, it can make you feel worthless. 

It’s a feeling so overwhelming that there are days when you want to just sleep so you won’t end up being insanely worried about nothing.

It’s a feeling that can be so scary because when it comes, you become afraid of an irrational impending doom that does not exist at all.

It’s a feeling that can drive you crazy because it has this uncanny ability to make your mind rewind certain events over and over again.

Ideally, it’s best to just ignore it. Some people do this by burying themselves with tons of work so their minds will be so occupied. Because when the mind is occupied, it is less difficult to ignore the attack.

Sadly though, most of the time, you just can’t deny the fact that it’s there. When it comes, it stays. And however hard you try to ignore and forget its existence, it’s there…lurking like your shadow. 

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